How to Successfully Invite People to your Business Presentation

The Easy Invitation Process

by Carol Merlo, M.Ed.

Every Network Marketer has the same goal: to invite people to purchase products and become involved in their Business Opportunity, and so your job is to get as many people exposed to the products and the opportunity in the least amount of time with a minimum of baby sitting and follow up.

So if you are not comfortable being a public speaker or are not sure how to do a presentation, rest assured that is not something you need to know how to do to be successful at this. You know why?

Because any presentation, whether it’s online, in your company’s literature, or at a meeting will do that job for you. 

It doesn’t matter what you are inviting a person to; the basic steps are always the same.

Step 1 is to be in a hurry.
Step 2 is to clear the date.
Step 3 is to be sincerely passionate.
Step 4 is to confirm the date.

That’s why it’s so easy! When you become a great inviter, you will start to see success. Want to learn the step by step how to on this?

Click Here to Listen and Learn the Easy Invitation Process

This 7 Minute Audio that will walk you through the Exact Process.


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